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Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Alignment?

Also called the 'tire geometry', wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels are pointing in the same direction. Furthermore, it extends the life of your tire by preventing uneven tread wear. Improper alignment can be caused by several things: curbs, potholes, bumps, or even regular wear and tear. It doesn't take an enormous impact to disrupt your vehicle's alignment.

Why is Alignment so Important?

Alignment affects your tires, your steering and your suspension. Above all, improper wheel alignment can be dangerous because it causes your vehicle to pull left or right, making it hard to drive safely.

How to Restore the Alignment?

To restore your wheel alignment, garages use a ramp and a software that evaluates all the aspects surrounding the tires (suspension, brakes, wheels and tires) to detect any abnormality. The four wheels can be adjusted at once, or only the front wheels if the situation requires it. In such a case, it is ensured that the front wheels are aligned with the rear wheels to restore the geometry.

How Often Should it be Done?

Alignment should be done at the same time as the tire rotation, which is every 10 000 km. However, if your vehicle pulls to one side or another, if it is hard for you to drive straight, or if your tires are unevenly worn, your wheels might need an alignment straightaway.