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Tire Pressure

Every car manufacturer approves and certifies a pressure for the tires according to weight, size and performance criterias. You can find those recommendations in the gaz trap, in your owner’s manual or just next to the driver’s seat, inside the door.

When verifying the pressure of a tire, it is important to do so when the tires are cold, and they did not run more than 3 or 5 kilometers in the last 2 hours. Verifying the pressure at high temperatures adds up to 0.3 bars.

The effects of an inappropriate pressure

First, if a tire is deflated, even just a bit, over heats and can explode at any moment. The tread wear will not be regular and your gaz consumptuion will increase. On the other hand, if a tire is too inflated, the tread wear will be done at the middle of the tire, making it wear a lot faster and more vulnerable when driving on accidented or bumpy roads.

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