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Alloy wheels: a matter of looks or a better investment than steel wheels?

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Is It Worth Buying Steel Wheels For Your Winter Tires?

When you buy a new vehicle from the dealership, it comes with its original wheels and tires equipment. Most people will succeed, on the other hand, to negotiate a set of winter tires included in the price. The reality is that it is very rare to get these winter tires mounted on another set of new rims as part of that deal. That means you will have to decide whether you want to go through the trouble of mounting and dismounting your tires twice per year at extra cost or simply invest in a second set of wheels for the winter season.

To answer our original question about whether you should consider buying steel wheels for your winter tires, well... it depends. Let me ask you this question: Will you keep your car for more than 3 years?

If you said yes, an extra set of rims is definitely worth the expense.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Second Set of Wheels

1. Save Money on Mounting/Dismounting

Let's say you keep your car 5 years. By mounting and dismounting your tires two times a year for 5 years at an average cost of $65 each time, you're looking at a total cost of $650 just to have your tires mounted and dismounted.

If, however, you decided to purchase a second set of wheels for $225, you'll save big on mounting/dismounting since it'll cost you an average of $25 to change your tires (instead of $65).

Let's do the math :

Cost of wheels + (Cost of changing wheels x 2 times a year x 5 years) = total cost for 5 years
$225 + ($25 x 2 x 5) = $475

So you'll make $175 worth of savings after 5 years. Add $250 if you change them yourself.

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2. Prevent Tire Damage

Also, mounting and dismounting every season increases the wear on the tire bead, leading to a higher risk of air pressure leak. By getting a second set of rims, you automatically reduce the number of manipulations your tires have to go through and protect them from premature wear and tear (you do not want to be the person who ends up with a flat tire on the highway, right?).

3. Avoid Damage to Your Wheels

All wheels are not made for winter weather—or driving for that matter. If you wish to keep the same set of wheels on your vehicle year-round, you should know that some rims can easily be damaged by snow, calcium and dirt while others are perfectly adapted to our winters.

If you plan on keeping the same car for a few years, an extra set of wheels will make your life easier, save you some money and minimize the wear on your tires and wheels. Moreover, when you buy a set of 4 tires and 4 wheels on PMCtire.com you also get the tires mounted on your whels, properly balanced, before we ship them to you (free shipping by the way!). That means you'll receive your new set ready to install on your vehicle!

So Should You Purchase Steel or Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels in winter are nice-looking, but they also have another significant benefit: contrary to steel wheels, they do not rust.

Rust on your steel wheels may cause air leaks and displacements of your pneumatic mounts all while being... esthetically displeasing!

Of course, to hide such an atrocity, good old hubcaps do a decent job, but quite often in winter, they break or end up falling during heavy snowfalls. In these cases, you end up having to replace lost or damaged hubcaps and, often, you'll have a hard time finding the same model.

And let's be honest, alloy wheels look way better than hubcaps.

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Trendy Wheel Models for the 2018-2019 Season

Now that you know it's definitely more profitable to go for alloy wheels instead of steel (or just mounting and dismounting your tires every year), I thought it would be useful for you to check out these 3 new arrivals from RWC that are guaranteed to make your car look amazing.

RWC AC80 (available in 3 colors)

RWC DC395 (available in 2 colors)

RWC AD1009 (available in 3 colors)

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