Evaluations  Ice / Snow Tires – 2015 - 2016 Edition

Best High-Performance Winter Tires Cars - 2015-2016 Edition

These are our evaluations of winter tires in the category for products developed specifically for high performance cars, including sports coupes and luxury sedans.

The high-performance winter tires we evaluated offer superior traction on ice. Designed for good performance on icy roads, they offer better roadholding and are better suited to freeway driving.

These tires can be effective in some heavy snow conditions, but will provide somewhat less grip. On the other hand, owners of all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles are less likely to notice the lack of bite in deep snow.

These winter tires meet Ministère des Transports du Québec requirements under Bill 42, since they are marked with the snowflake-and-mountain pictogram. They are available for most high-end vehicles on the market.

Check the table on our website page BEST WINTER TIRES - HIGH PERFORMANCE - PASSENGER / TOURING  to compare winter tires for high performance cars.