Evaluations Ice / Snow tires – 2015 - 2016 Edition

Best Winter Tires Commercial Vehicles - 2015-2016 Edition

These are our evaluations of winter tires in the category for products designed specifically for light trucks, minivans and other vehicles in commercial use.

Products in this category are designed for vehicles that require tires with high load capacity that offer maximum traction – even in snow – off road, on construction sites and in recreational areas. Note that for the most part, such tires are less effective on ice than most of the winter tires designed for cars and SUVs.

With their high load rating and aggressive tread pattern, these tires offer outstanding traction in mud or on gravel in the summer, and in snow or slush in the winter, on or off the highway.

These winter tires meet Ministère des Transports du Québec requirements under Bill 42, since they are marked with the snowflake-and- mountain pictogram, and some of them can be fitted with studs for better traction on ice.* These tires are available for most commercial vehicles on the market.

*Important: Since December 15, 2014, truck or SUV tires marked “LT”` (for Light Truck) aren’t considered suitable for winter driving anymore. Since that date, the LT marking no longer suffice. LT tires on passenger vehicles also have to be marked with the pictogram or fitted with studs.

This means that if you buy tires marked “AT” or “LT” for a minivan or a light truck, they will not be usable in winter unless they are marked with the snowflake-and-mountain symbol, or studded.

Check the table on our website page BEST WINTER TIRES - COMMERCIAL - SUV & SMALL TRUCKS  to compare winter tires for commercial vehicles.