Best summer and 4-seasons tires for passenger vehicles - 2016

How to make an informed choice for a summer or 4 seasons tire that suits you ?

Selecting a summer or 4-seasons tire the meets your needs is essential with the arrival of summer. Tire manufacturers offer a wide range of models and it is often difficult to follow. To help guide you in choosing a tire for your vehicle and your driving style, the team evaluated for you the vast majority of summer and 4 seasons tires on the Canadian market. The 10 best summer and 4 seasons tire models were selected for 10 different categories of cars, SUVs and trucks. Several tires offered as original equipment on new vehicles were also evaluated.

Our evaluations of summer tires and 4 seasons were made taking into consideration the following criterias :durability (wear resistance), handling, cornering stability, traction capability in wet and dry conditions, resistance to hydroplaning, the value and the ability to offer a comfortable ride in summer road conditions.

In order to conduct evaluations and classification of tires, several sources were consulted and analyzed, including road tests, columns of automotive journalists, several comments from customers and many consumer reviews from multiple Canadian car forums or North American automotive websites.

Obviously, the perception of the points evaluated on tire performance may differ from one person to another, depending on driving style, needs, expectations and experiences. Note that if the results look somewhat different from one model to another, it is mainly because of similarities between the technologies used by manufacturers in the concept and design of  tires in the same category.

Best 4-seasons tires passenger vehicles

4-seasons tires evaluations - 2016 edition

The automotive 4-seasons tires that we have selected are designed to offer excellent durability, good traction on dry and on wet or very wet pavement, and safe road handling.

The higher the overall score, the more versatile the tires are and will perform in 4-seasons and summer driving conditions. These tires are however not as good as winter tires on ice and deep snow conditions.

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Evaluations - 4-Seasons Passenger tires - Vehicles