Best on and off-road (All-Terrain) tires for SUV and pick-up trucks - 2016

On and off-road tires evaluations - 2016 edition

We present our evaluations for road and off-road tire designed for SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans.

This tire category is for vehicles traveling on paved roads as much as on the roads made of stone, gravel, earth or covered with snow, and off-road trails.

These tires often perform better off-road than a paved road. The tread design is made of a large number of independent blocks with deep grooves to maximise traction in all directions and conditions, on gravel and dirt roads. Please note that these tires are not approved for winter use in the province of Quebec under the law 42.

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Evaluations - On/Off Road tires - SUV & Pick-up trucks