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By Guillaume Belhumeur, car expert, and Dominic Lafrenière, tire expert

You have an old car, you don’t make a lot of mileage or you’re simply looking for an economical solution for your winter tires? There are now many advantageous options available to you. Before shopping for used tires, you can consider Asian winter tires.

What are the characteristics of these tires?

First of all, note that a winter tire, Asian or not, can only be considered as such if it passes the government tests. To find out if the tire meets minimum standards, look for the mountain snowflake pictograph on the sidewall of the tire. Winter tires approved

However, a certified Asian winter tire will be of lesser quality than a market-leading tire. The rubber compound of these tires is often stiffer, which means less gripping power on icy roadways.

The durability also needs to be taken into account. An Asian winter tire is often less durable than a leading-brand tire. Again, the less technologically advanced rubber compound is the cause of this low durability.

Finally, if you have a flat tire, it may be harder to find a replacement tire, especially as the time flies. Due to a less developed distribution and lower production, garages, tire centres, and online tire dealers may not be able to order the tire you need to replace your punctured tire.

The Asian tire, or so-called Chinese tire, can be an interesting option, but you have to consider all its characteristics first!