Alloy wheels, an asset to your vehicle

You've all heard a friend, a neighbour, or a colleague bragging about the new "mags" he installed on his car. Enhanced look, improved road grip ... are only some of the benefits that motivate them to buy alloy wheels. And you? Do you really know all the benefits of owning alloy wheels?

Pretty Handy!

First of all, there is the practical side: your vehicle is originally sold with a basic set of tires and wheels already mounted. At each change of season, you have to go to a garage to get your tires removed, install another set of tires and balance the new wheels. When you purchase an extra set of alloy wheels, you only have to do this once, and you are good to go: install your winter tires on the original wheels, and your all-season tires on your new alloy wheels. No more money spent on wheel balancing every change of season, since you will have two complete sets of wheels and tires, already assembled. Want to save even more? Since the wheel balancing has been done, you can now, with a jack and a wrench, install your set of wheels and tires yourself!

A new look for your vehicle

Second, there is, of course... the look! You bought your vehicle with steel wheels with wheel covers, or alloy wheels. In most cases, these wheels are not very attractive; they have a smaller diameter and can make your vehicle less interesting. A set of larger diameter alloy wheels could make your vehicle more appealing, while giving it a sportier or more refined look. It's one of the most impactful ways of doing automobile customization, yet it is also one of the simplest ones. You can choose from thousands of designs, colours, finishes, sizes, and alloys to make your car unique and suit your image. A tip: leave the original wheels on your winter tires, because they are more likely to get damaged by the salt, and install alloy wheels in the summer, for a look that sure turns heads!

Better handling

Third, alloy wheels with larger diameter can improve your vehicle's handling and road behaviour in general. You will see a big difference in the curves, because by enlarging the diameter of the wheel, you will lower the tires position, making them less susceptible to distortion caused by the centrifugal force. You can also, to some extent, buy larger alloy wheels than your original ones. Larger wheels will further improve the car road grip, because a larger area of rubber is in contact with the ground. And ... alloy wheel means lighter wheel! Your fuel consumption will be reduced because your engine needs to make less effort to rotate a… lighter wheel!

Benefits Only!

So this is why considering alloy wheels when purchasing new wheels, a new car, or even when buying new tires is strongly recommended. This being said, you must respect the specifications of your car manufacturer on the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combo. Take a look at to find catchy and attractive looking wheels that respect the specifications required, always at the best prices. Our search engine makes it easy for you to look for a vast variety in style of wheels that will be 100% fitment-guaranteed with your car, expert’s approval!